From that time

From that time Jesus began to preach, ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand’” (Matthew 4:17).

If you open any harmony on the four gospels, you will see numerous divisions in the life of Christ, like: Birth, Early Galilean Ministry, Judean Ministry, Samaria, Perea and Decapolis, Later Galilean Ministry, etc. But there is a division I came across years ago in the life of Christ that has helped me more than any other. It is not found in chapter and verse divisions, and it does not involve the usual thematic divisions of the harmonies. It marks a profound shift in Jesus’ focus during his ministry. Continue reading “From that time”

Most important thing to successful Bible study

“Have ye never read?” (Mark 2:25, AV)

If you are a Christian, wouldn’t it be insulting for someone to ask you if you actually read your Bible? Surely you’ve read your Bible, right? Most Christians do, I would assume. Or, should I assume that? I’ve always been told that assumptions are bad things, and in this case, perhaps it is as poor an assumption as any. Continue reading “Most important thing to successful Bible study”

The Unknown

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” We are so blessed in this digital age to have a means to take photographs, and then immediately re-take them if the result is not what we had imagined it would be. That process used to take days or weeks, while the opportunity passed.

Here in the dead of winter, I am cheered by my screensaver flashing the glories of the bygone summer garden.

As with the photos of old, we don’t always label the digital ones. This morning, I was attempting to remedy this shortcoming.

“Yes, that was a pretty daylily,” I thought, as I came upon a photo. Was it “Peach Magnolia?” The label simply said “img.36732.jpg,” or something similar and probably longer. Continue reading “The Unknown”

The unfathomable depth of Jesus

“Two men went up into the Temple to pray” (Luke 18:10).

There are so many layers to Jesus’ teachings; it makes the study of his word, and all of Scripture, a profound experience.

Take, for example, the passage above. Jesus taught a parable concerning self-righteousness. Two men, a Pharisee (who considered himself righteous) and a tax-collector (who considered himself a sinner), went to the Temple in Jerusalem, which was tantamount to approaching God himself.

The Pharisee declared his own holiness and flippantly thanked God for it. The tax-collector declared his un-holiness, and begged God for mercy. Continue reading “The unfathomable depth of Jesus”

Have we grown up yet?

Babies. Everyone loves them. They can melt the heart of the hardest man. When parents get together we recall the circumstances of our children’s births, reliving the anxious moments as well as the humorous ones.

When our children were small we wanted the best for them and we wanted them to achieve their dreams when they grew up. We sometimes dreamed for them and often our dreams weren’t the dreams they wanted to pursue – but we would back them anyway and support their dreams. We want our children to grow up and to be the best that they can be, both in their chosen profession and (hopefully) even more in their dedication to Jesus. Continue reading “Have we grown up yet?”