All of us wither like a leaf

The proud colors of autumn are but a precursor of their own demise. The process that turns the tree’s leaves such beautiful hues is the very thing that causes the leaf stalk to separate from the branch.

The abscission layer – the cells at the base of the leaf stalk – stop allowing moisture and minerals to reach the leaves. When the leaf is unable to manufacture chlorophyll, the green color fades and the yellows and oranges are revealed.

Eventually, this abscission layer completely severs the connection, and the leaves fall to the ground…and on the driveway…and the porch….and into the house…. Continue reading “All of us wither like a leaf”

Still good

Autumn is not my favorite season.

There is a sense of sadness, of melancholy, of having to say “goodbye” to the plants and flowers that have so generously treated us to glorious color during the growing season.

Even the brilliant colors of the changing leaves indicate that the trees have stopped making the chlorophyll that creates the vibrant green color they held for so long. It’s really a sign of decay. Continue reading “Still good”