Suggestions for song leaders

You will run across several kinds of song leaders:

  • The “super humble” song leader, whom you can’t hear. Yet such an approach instills hesitancy on the part of the congregation, who generally do not want to be the “only” ones singing.
  • “I’m the show, look at me.” On the other hand, the song leader should not draw undue attention to himself.
  • It’s good ‘nuff for the folks I go with. This song leader feels no need to develop or improve himself.
  • Scolding Song leader – “Come on, people, sing like you mean it!” This is usually deplorably bad psychology and will have the opposite effect that the song leader seeks; rather than sing better, the congregation shuts down.
  • My genre or the highway. Contemporary? Traditional? Stamps Baxter? Classics? He forces his favorites onto the congregation and will never contemplate leading songs enjoyed by other members of the congregation.

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How to improve your congregation’s singing

We all respond to good singing in worship. We recall with delight a night when the singing was “really good,” or visiting a congregation where we enjoyed the singing. We’re human, after all. This raises a question, therefore: So how can we improve our singing?

1. Get right with each other (Matthew 5:23,24). Note that the Lord expresses this as a priority – “First, be reconciled with your brother, then come offer your gift.” It’s hard to sing with zeal when you’re singing with people you resent. Continue reading “How to improve your congregation’s singing”

Where Does The Bible Say I Have To Attend Worship Services That Often?

Rule #12 in the Newton household: Homework must be completed every day before you can play. My boys may not always enjoy this rule, but the self-discipline and education gained through doing homework is good for them. Accordingly, if I tell them to trot into their study area to do their homework, at times they are entitled to say, “dad, I do not have to study now, I have completed my obligation.” Now imagine the disaster which would follow if a husband told his wife, “honey, I do not have to spend time talking with you right now, I have … Continue reading Where Does The Bible Say I Have To Attend Worship Services That Often?