Miraculous gifts today? Laying on of hands (3)

Opinions contrast. Some claim God works miracles through his people today. Others say that God no longer gifts his people with miraculous abilities. What should not be overlooked is how definitions of the miraculous differ.  Thus to accurately understand what is being denied or affirmed requires first understanding how someone defines the miraculous.

Once such an understanding exists, the question still remains: why do some reject miraculous gifts today? The first reason revolves around observing how the Spirit chose to distribute these gifts. The baptism with the Spirit appears to have served a special purpose, while a second manner of distribution is no longer possible. Let’s take a look. Continue reading “Miraculous gifts today? Laying on of hands (3)”

Miraculous gifts today? Introductory observations (1)

Recently a fellow in our Wednesday class at a senior facility asked, “Why do some people teach miraculous gifts have ceased?” Several others piped in with comments like, “Why would anyone try to limit God’s power?”

In our world today some will deny any miracle is possible either now or in history. Yet for others, miracles continue to occur perhaps even daily. Then there is a third group who deeply believes in God’s power to operate in miraculous ways, yet they suggest that miraculous gifts have ceased. Why do they believe this? Continue reading “Miraculous gifts today? Introductory observations (1)”