A Congregation is More than a Group of Friends

When we pay attention to detail and ponder why people act as they do, we begin to see some important opportunities for growth. In the process, we find doors that we never noticed before, that open to beautiful new vistas. In the areas of fellowship and the spiritual growth of a congregation, we want to offer one such doorway that leads to the growth of God’s people.

We commonly believe that if the members of a congregation get along really well, that they are unified and constitute a strong spiritual family. However, this is not necessarily true. Continue reading “A Congregation is More than a Group of Friends”

The Baby Grew Up

We love babies. We gather around them in wonder and coo in total bliss. Purity and innocence radiate from their tiny bodies as they remind us of what is best about humanity.

As Christmas time nears, the baby Jesus becomes a very important part of our society.

People proclaim that Jesus [specifically, the baby] is the reason for the season and when the packages are unwrapped and the decorations stashed away, the baby fades back into obscurity for another year. /1 Continue reading “The Baby Grew Up”