The small print on giant speakers

Is it easy to agree upon societal policies? Just consider our nation’s tensions on a number of hot button issues.

What if a nation were to attempt to conform to an even higher standard then human notions of justice and compassion? What if it sought to function as God’s holy nation, a kingdom of priests? How should such a country handle accidents, crime, property issues, worship and immorality? Continue reading “The small print on giant speakers”

Surpassing confidence. Possessing God’s approval.

How confident are we? Are we masters of the grill, gifted at our professions or perhaps certain of our flair for gab? Yet, who among us has not experienced an unexpected curve ball? The dinner turned out disappointing. A work project did not go well. We stood speechless.

What we expected slipped between our fingers. In such instances we discover our earlier confidence did not deliver. Just because we felt confident did not guarantee the results.

So what about really important things, like heaven? Can we surpass mere confidence to know for certain we are God’s forgiven people? Yes we can!

I imagine joyous exclamations: “by faith” and “by grace!” To be sure, these principles are intrinsically involved. Yet, throughout scripture a more fundamental principle exists.

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Oh for a greater faith

Fear destroys. Fear is Satan’s tool. Faith is God’s weapon. Paul would warn us that if we think we are standing firm, we need to be diligent that we do not stumble.

Paul would also remind us to learn from Israel’s history. Look beyond just reading the story of God opening the Red Sea. Imagine standing with those Israelites. Only then, will we be more prepared to heed’s Paul’s warning in facing our life situations.

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What can your God do?

Ancient peoples believed each god’s influence was limited to a particular sphere. Remember how the Syrians wanted to battle Israel in the plains because they thought Yahweh was a God of the hills (1 Kings 20:23)? The Egyptians were no exception. Their pantheon had a plethora of gods: a sun god, a Nile god and so forth.

Yahweh taught that he is different. Continue reading “What can your God do?”