Lead Me to Some Soul Today

hymn.jpgWill H. Houghton and Wendell P. Loveless wrote a moving hymn, dating from its copyright in 1936. The words of this song ought to remind us of the overwhelming need to reach out to the lost and bring them to Christ Jesus our Lord:
Lead me to some soul today;
O teach me, Lord, just what to say;
Friends of mine are lost in sin,
And cannot find their way.
Few there are who seem to care,
And few there are who pray;
Melt my heart and fill my life:
Give me one soul today.
What if the Lord has placed within your sphere of influence a soul that needs the saving blood of Jesus? What will you do?
All around us are people whose lives are filled with self and who have forgotten the Lord. Our task is to remind them that the Lord loves them but will hold them accountable one day. A kind word or deed, a simple invitation, and a little effort can help them to be prepared for that day.
The Lord is depending on you to share the gospel with those you love.
If your heart is touched and tender
Toward a sinner, lost and low,
It might help him to do better,
If you’d only tell him so.

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The Oil of Kindness

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The Obvious

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What Confusion!

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Time to Execute

Plans are wonderful, but there comes a time when people must execute their plans. God blesses the effectual doers not the hearers who delude themselves (James 1:22-25). Getting the job done takes self-control. If you wish to lose weight, you must do the things that call for weight loss — watching what you eat and exercising. Talking about it won’t make much difference. Self-control is one of the elements of the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22,23). Paul told the Christians in Galatia, “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh” … Continue reading Time to Execute

How Do You Read?

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What You Don't Know

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