Who am I? The target of God’s redemption

Earlier, we explored man’s identity and worth in terms of being created in God’s image. Today, a second truth gives us importance: we are the focus of God’s efforts to save.

Man’s identity and value to God become evident when his eternal plan is explored and appreciated. What makes his plan so impressive is its extension, its reach, and the cost required to carry it through. Continue reading “Who am I? The target of God’s redemption”

Who am I? Here’s the first part of the answer

Who am I?” Probably all of us ask that question at some point in our lives. Deep down, we know this is one of those big questions that needs to be answered. Identity informs and determines one’s actions. We seem to know this instinctively.

It matters where we go, and whom we seek out, for the answer. Answers will vary depending on who we ask. Continue reading “Who am I? Here’s the first part of the answer”

The pudding is in the proof: God proves his people

A few school teachers seem to delight in failing students. They make up trick questions, use questionable methods, and prefer murky objectives and subjective grading. But God wants to give every child of his a passing grade, if we will but respond positively to his testing.

The Lord works for our success. He wants us to grow and be like him. He has our best interest at heart. God is good and desires to bless. “The crucible is for refining silver and the furnace is for gold, likewise the LORD tests hearts” Proverbs 17.3. His testing has a good purpose. He hopes to bring out the best in us. Continue reading “The pudding is in the proof: God proves his people”

‘Have it now’

In our bathroom hangs a wall print of an antique phone with British newspaper ads in the background. It’s impossible to say if the ads were real ones from the late 1800s, or if they’re the product of some modern mind. They look real anyway.

One of the ads offers an old phonograph for sale, the kind with the immense flower-shaped speaker on top. At the bottom of the ad, in caps, is the underlined phrase, “HAVE IT NOW.” Continue reading “‘Have it now’”

The ultimate goal: Eternal life

A person’s greatest possession is eternal life, exactly because it is more than a possession, but very existence. More than quantity, more than longevity, it is by nature the essence of Being.

Eternal life consists of knowing the true God and his Son Jesus Christ. “Now this is eternal life—that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you sent” Jn 17.3. Continue reading “The ultimate goal: Eternal life”

Always Jesus

The motto for our Brazilian national ministry is “Always Jesus.” It means that the Lord Jesus is always the center of our attention. He is the focus of our faith. He must be in first place, for the kingdom of God is also his, Ephesians 5.5; Matthew 6.33; John 18.36.

We can and should deal with many topics that the Bible mentions. And these are considered in the light of Jesus Christ as the wisdom and power of God for salvation. If we speak of the church, the end times, the family, money, employment—whatever the subject—we must bring the subject to the feet of Jesus and submit it to his Lordship. Continue reading “Always Jesus”

The complete will of God

Many people think it a trifle to talk about the existence of denominations, the details of conversion, or the specifics of discipleship. They see it as a waste of time, an exercise in futility, or, worse, an attempt to proselytize people whom God considers righteous.

Christians committed to following the New Testament, however, seek to be different from the world and, in the renewal of their minds and the transformation of their hearts, follow the complete will of God. Continue reading “The complete will of God”