You want to use a Forthright Magazine article in your site, e-zine, church bulletin, or publication? We’re happy for you to do that. Just put the author’s name in the byline and include this text at the end of the item:

Used by permission from Forthright Magazine ( Copyright © [year published online] [name of author].

We have blanket permission from our regular columnists to simplify this for you. But do us a favor as well.

Here’s the condition: you may not change the article in any form or fashion. You may not shorten it, add to it, substitute a Bible version. The article must be printed as is. If you don’t like it as is, don’t print or reproduce it.

Please let us know what you’re reproducing and where. If it’s your publication, we’d really appreciate it if you’d send us a copy of the issue containing the article. (But please don’t put us on your mailing list; let us decide that.)

By the chance you want to reproduce an article in a print magazine or bulletin, all the above still applies. We would appreciate a copy in which the article appears. Please send to this address:

Forthright Press LLC
Editors, Forthright Magazine
607 Devine Street
Winona, MS 38967

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  1. Hey, it `s by all this God`s work Waoo !! Christine beautiful blessed hands Amen.

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