Dear Friend of Forthright,

First off, thanks for your support, encouragement, and prayers. Your feedback helps us do a better job. Your encouragement keeps us at it. Your prayers bring God’s blessing upon us.

Let me get straight to the point: We need your help here at Forthright Magazine. If you’re wondering how you might help further, here are some ideas.

1. Submit the Forthright articles you like to your favorite social media.

2. Keep friends and family in mind when you read the articles and forward, forward, forward the email notifications. Andd recommend they sign up themselves.

3. Put a link to Forthright on your personal, congregational, or business site. If you publish an e-zine, give us a good word to your readers.

4. Pray for the editor, columnists, and readers. God hears those who pray seriously and earnestly.

5. Write an article for Forthright. Well-written material faithful to the Book is always welcome. Check out the writer guidelines.

6. If you’re not a writer, maybe you have other talents you’d like to lend. We’re always needing an extra hand.

7. Publish Forthright articles in your church bulletin, with the credits and web address.

8. Recommend a Forthright article to the editor of a print publication you enjoy.

9. Take those articles and really read them. Don’t just scan them. Study them. Compare them to what the Word says. We’re not infallible; we are committed to truth. Enter into the online discussion and enrich us with the benefit of your studies.

10. Live at the foot of the Cross. Magazines like Forthright and good efforts to spread the Word will come and go. What matters is getting your foot into Heaven’s door.

Many of you are already doing many of these things. Please know how much we appreciate it.

All of this is a labor of love. Nobody gets paid for it; on the contrary, we’re putting out personal funds for the few expenses we incur. Because we believe, as you do, that there is one way, one truth, one source of love, peace, and hope.

We want to go straight to that source. And we want to take with us as many as possible.

Going that way,

J. Randal Matheny
Editor, Forthright Magazine

Updated 2021-04-03

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