The Lord’s body needs you

To address an unhealthy spiritual situation Paul used a body metaphor, “The hand cannot say to the eye I don’t need you” (1 Corinthians 12:21). Of course, he was alluding to how some Christians with certain spiritual gifts might view other disciples. Yet the underlying principle would also seem to have another application today.

Today broad descriptive brush strokes categorize people. Sometimes those in one camp might diminish those in another camp.

For example, might an extrovert Christian  be tempted to think he does not need the introverted Christian?  Or might a reserved contemplative disciple dismiss an impulsive gregarious fellow follower of Christ as unnecessary?

Without the benefit of a contemplative brother or sister, the extroverted disciple may be inclined to enthusiastically paddle the church over a waterfall. Conversely, without the social drivenness of an energetic gregarious disciple, the introvert might never creatively engage the community to God’s glory.

The church is composed of many personality types, ethic groupings, economic standings and so forth. Christ died for all of us. We are all valuable to the Lord. God has raised all of us up with Christ to do the good he has planned for his people. None of us can afford to say to another, I don’t need you.

We know these things. Yet, have we stopped and reflected upon how we view others with whom we worship? Perhaps, we truly treasure our bothers and sisters … or maybe there is room for some spiritual growth.

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