Articles on faith: abstracts and links

Faith is essential to the Christian life. Yet, how often have we pushed beyond our assumptions to explore the richness of faith? The following bullets assemble links to various forays into exploring faith.

Defining & Analyzing Faith

  • Faith By The Book briefly outlines in a dictionary style format various faith topics. An exploration of Hebrew and Greek words provides a foundation. An analysis of faith’s nature spans misdirected faith to what constitutes trust in different contexts.
  • Delving Deeper Into Faith identifies what Hebrew words were translated in the Greek Old Testament as faith (pistis). It challenges us to consider whether our understanding of faith aligns with the range of meanings those Hebrew words possess.

Today’s Usage & Fictional Stories Illuminating Biblical Usage

  • Have Faith In Me presents various contemporary and biblical scenarios to underscore principles about faith. It concludes with a brief survey from New Testament narratives and letters regarding putting our faith in Christ.
  • Seeing Responding To The Gospel With Fresh Eyes uses a parable to challenge a contemporary assumption that believing always exhausts what is required to possess faith. It concludes with some thoughts about belief from the Gospel of John.
  • Reexamining Faith A Niagra story illustrates the difference that can exist between faith and belief in some scenarios. These thoughts then lead into considering Hebrews 11.
  • Christendom’s Blind Spot: The Nature Of Faith recounts three stories from my son’s life. These stories illustrate the significance of context for faith. In some scenarios faith might only require belief, while in other settings faith will demand action.

Faith, Hubris & Obedience

  • Twisted Faith explores three biblical stories to discover what happens when hubris impacts faith in God. Forcing faith to conform to one’s own will creates unfaithfulness.
  • Joining Obedience and Faith begins with examining Paul’s phrase “the obedience of faith” in Romans. An obedient faith impacts both how a disciple lives as well as how one enters Christ.

Saving Faith & Baptism

  • The Crux Of Our Saving Faith quotes Richard Hay’s description of pistis’ (faith’s) semantic range. This article argues that trust, rather than just believing, best conveys the fundamental idea of faith within the New Testament.
  • The Gospel Instructs: Rely Upon Christ In Baptism To Be Saved explores how Luke used the words faith and believe in Acts in order to provide summary conversion statements. These are equivalent to phrases like “many turned to the Lord.” As such, they do not teach us all of the details about everything we need to know in order to rely upon Jesus.
  • Saved By Faith: Some Might Need A Paradigm Shift recounts an evangelical’s struggle with certain scriptures because of how she defined faith. It lists a number of verses which should not be in the New Testament if her understanding was accurate.
  • Faith Or Faith Plus Baptissm? exposes the power of definitions to shape our theological understanding. This article suggests faith and baptism cannot be separated into two entities. At the end of a long list of comments is a quote from F.F. Bruce affirming that faith and baptism were not two experiences, but rather parts of one whole.

Paul On Faith

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