Death and birth and beyond

Don’t you just love those lists about getting old? I have my own, of course, although maybe not as cute as some. I like to count the advantages.

  • Your hair almost combs itself.
  • You save on shampoo.
  • You get priority in some places, special parking spots.
  • You spoil the grandkids and send them home.
  • You have an excuse for forgetfulness and other odd behaviors.
  • You can have the same interesting conversations over and over again.
  • Every day becomes more precious as the end draws near.
  • Memories are special, and there are a lot of them.
  • Your perspective of what is important changes.
  • The spirit is willing, while the flesh is weak.

Somebody said that getting old is a lot better than the alternative, but Christians know better. Paul Apostle said he wished to leave this old world and go right on to be with Christ.

At the other end of the scale, it’s a blessing to be born. You and I probably don’t have memories of that. Later, we learned that we were wanted by our parents — or not, depending on our family history. But we were born, because God wanted us.

Job lamented the day of his birth. Jesus said it would have been better for some if they had never been born. That means that birth is a blessing — if death becomes the doorway into heaven.

It really doesn’t matter what status you held when you’re born, Galatians 2:15, or what your present situation is. What matters is if you come to believe in Jesus Christ and obey the gospel, Galatians 2.16; 3:26-29.

Every birth should be protected and celebrated, because every single life is precious, moreso when we consider that each life will nevermore end.

So for every birth, let us offer the prayer that the Lord God may give the child grace and give us the opportunity to speak to him or her the word of salvation.

I’m thankful for that opportunity.

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