What and who will be in Heaven

If in Heaven we’re going to play harps for all eternity, I don’t want to go there, said a woefully uninformed person. This perspective reveals that people must be careful not to think of Heaven in earthly, carnal concepts, far from God’s revelation in Scripture. This is also a problem for one masculine-centered religion which sees Heaven in terms of access to hundreds of virgins.

What is going to be in Heaven that motivates everyone, men and women, rich and poor, to make every effort to get there? Here’s a short list.

First, Heaven is where justice dwells, 2 Peter 3.13.

Aren’t we tired of inequality and injustice in the world? Let’s make it to Heaven where justice always prevails. Nothing wrong or sinful will ever happen there.

Second, Heaven is remarkable for what is not there: pain, suffering, sadness, and death, Revelation 21.4.

Isn’t one of the major questions of mankind about the existence of suffering and why innocent people die? In Heaven there will be no need for such questioning.

Third, Heaven is where the saints are, Hebrews 12.21-24.

We want healthy and satisfying relationships. Heaven is a city, a society, where the redeemed live in perfect harmony. That old question about knowing our loved ones in Heaven and missing loved ones who will not be in Heaven? We need a wider vision of Heaven as the place of perfect relationship. There will be no offenses, no slights, no arguments, no differences to be worked through — and no need to ask forgiveness or say we’re sorry. So every male member of mankind ought to really want to go there!

Fourth, Heaven is where God is, Revelation 21.22-23; Philippians 1.23.

We were created for the love and friendship of the Almighty. His presence will be constant, evident, and irrevocable: “And so we will always be with the Lord” 1 Thessalonians 4.17 b. He provides the perfect government, meeting all the needs of all its citizens. No need for a complaint department! The Heavenites have only praise for the King.

A friend of mine tells everybody that he just wants to go to Heaven. Somebody tried to throw cold water on his statement by telling him he ought to want to be with God. But to want one is to want the other! That is, if we know what Heaven will be like.

When we know what and who will be in Heaven, that is solid motivation to believe and obey the Lord Jesus Christ.

The editor has written the book, Choose! to help us in our obedience.

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