Only a few seeds were dropped into the short furrows beside the wire cattle panels. The panels would later support the vines and the long, heavy fruit of the Trombino squash. Only a few plants were needed for this prolific and delicious vegetable! I pictured the delicious “noodles” that could be made by using a spiral cutter with the coming harvest. The steaming red marinara sauce, the parmesan and mozzarella topping it off, and maybe a few meatballs would complete a hearty meal without the carbohydrates of pasta. 

Zuchino Rampicante, also known as Trombino squash, is prized for its firm flesh without the mushy seedy part until the very last few inches on the three-foot long fruits. It has all the taste of zucchini without the tendency to turn too soft when cooked. As an added bonus, the squash can be allowed to ripen on the vine for a later harvest of an orange-fleshed butternut type squash, with a long narrow neck that’s easy to cut and peel. Summer AND winter squash on one plant! 

Fast forward to three months later, and we are still waiting for the elegant, ridiculously long squash. No; this year those nondescript seeds must have had other DNA in them from whatever was grown nearby last year. This year it is all seeds and no long neck! 

The striped markings are suspiciously similar to a small gourd grown in the same garden. My husband half-jokingly expressed a concern about “death in the pot,” a reference to an unfortunate mistake made by students at a preaching school back in Elisha’s day (2 KINGS 4:40). Without Elisha to perform a miracle on our dinner, I am more than a little wary about this strange new harvest.

Our society tells us that we have the dubious right to identify ourselves as what we are not. A woman who wants to be a man can simply say that she “feels” like a male and it automatically makes it so. There has even been a case where a grown man with children decided to “identify” as a little girl, and found a family that would enable him to live out his delusion. A very prominent woman in the black community was recently found to be a white woman who simply changed her appearance, and the deception was lauded by many. 

Those generic looking seeds were expected to contain the genetic code of one thing, and instead produced something else. This was a surprise and an anomaly. My mistake was taking the seeds of only ONE Trombino squash instead of many. All five of my plants are producing the useless squash/gourd thing. But squashes have no conscious decision-making ability. We, however, do!

We can choose to make ourselves useless and dangerous because we don’t appreciate the DNA we have been dealt. Our family has long “self-identified” as part Jewish, due to some of the customs and foods and even family history handed down on both my husband’s and my family. A recent DNA test has determined that there is little chance of that, however. We could have “identified” with far worse, and we certainly didn’t quit eating pork over our delusion.

It is possible that we wanted to feel a connection to Israel’s family because we have been “grafted in” to God’s people (Romans 11:17-24). Spiritually speaking, that’s more important by far! We have a history, a heritage in God’s family. 

Above all, we must identify with our spiritual heritage, found in the pages of the Bible. We should throw away useless pretenses and embrace our spiritual DNA, our code written for us by the maker of all.

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