Thankful for a home to be confined to

I’m thankful to God to have a comfortable home to be confined to.

I’m thankful the Lord gave me a pleasant companion to be confined to home with.

I’m thankful he provides multiple means of communication to communicate with, pretty much anywhere across the world.

I’m thankful to take advantage of modern means of food distribution, and not have to go foraging or hunting to survive.

I’m thankful to have clean water piped into my home, instead of carrying a bucket for miles — or even from the backyard.

I’m thankful to be able to meet with the church, even under the lockdown, and be a present and active member of the Lord’s family.

I’m thankful to have ink-and-paper books to read and other digital reading material, most important of which is the Word of God to hold and meditate on.

I’m thankful for the option to ignore the fear-mongering news and to concentrate on the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I’m thankful to have work I can do in spite of present circumstances.

I’m thankful the Lord gives me a thankful spirit, because the natural man has none of this.

I’m thankful through and through!

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