Rediscover the Bible

John was in prison. Jesus’ cousin was jailed by Herod, who did not appreciate what John said about his illicit marriage to Herodias. This particular Herod was known as Antipas. He reigned over Galilee and Perea.

John understood that his work was coming to an end and asked Jesus through a messenger if he was the one whose coming was foretold. Some say that during this challenging trial, John’s faith weakened. None of us are perfect, not even John.

Jesus told John’s messengers to tell John what they had seen and heard: how the lame now walked, the blind received their sight, and the deaf were hearing again. Jesus knew John would remember Isaiah’s prophecy, which told of this (Isaiah 35:3-10).

We might ask ourselves how wonderful it would have been to have seen those things with our own eyes. It would be wondrous, indeed, to see the miracles performed by Jesus.

One of my favorites has always been the feeding of the 5,000 in Matthew 14 and Luke 9. I can almost see the wonder take place as the Son of God kept distributing bread and fish until the entire group finished eating, and all the leftovers were collected!

Jesus beckons us to view the miracles he performed in the pages of gospels of the New Testament. It is the word of God that produces faith (Romans 10:17).

When was the last time you read a Bible? Do you have one? If not, it’s easy to find them. Find one, open it, and start reading and rediscover the wonders Jesus did when he was on the Earth. Then, take that faith you’ve developed and obey the gospel.

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