A conversation with my mother before her death

By Glenda Williams — I recently found a note I had written about mother. She lived with us ten years before her death, and during that time I tried to keep records of things she said. This note pulled at my heart strings once again.

Mother woke me at 12:55 a.m. on that date. She hugged me close and asked, “Will you be all right without me?”

I told her, “I will be fine. Douglas will take care of me. If you want to go on and be with your mother and daddy and brothers and sisters and all the saved ones in glory, it will be okay, and I will come.”

“You will come?” she asked.

“Yes, I will come,” I answered.

She said, “I wish I had gone to church.”

“You did go to church every time you could,” I reminded her.

She and daddy were always early to church … much too early some would declare.

Mother didn’t drive so after Daddy’s death Herschel and Patsy were faithful to take her with them until she had her stroke and moved with us. We took over from there.

You see the things that I gain from this late night conversation are:

  1. She wanted to know if I would be all right if she passed on to the other side.
  2. She wanted to know if she went first that I would come, that I would follow her.
  3. She remembered, and wondered if she had gone to church as she should.

I imagine when it comes our time to depart this life that we too will remember. We will look back over our life and remember what we did, what we left undone, and what we should have done and perhaps what should have been a priority in our life.

It’s never too late to make sure that all is right with our soul.

Jesus stands at the door and knocks. May we let him in by obeying his teachings so that in the stillness of the night we can rest with confidence that all is well with our soul.

Glenda lives in in Geneva AL. Her husband Douglas works with the congregation there. For more conversations about putting our soul right with God, see Richard Mansel’s book, The Most Important Question.

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