Are you a Forthright power user?

Perhaps you whiz around the Forthright website with guru techniques quickly finding whatever your heart desires. Maybe you have explored every conceivable corner. Perhaps you dream in html.

Or maybe you just read the current article leaving powerful treasures hidden from view. Did you know that in Forthright you could ….

This past year Stan Mitchel’s article, Sir William Ramsay and Luke the Historian, was the most frequently visited resource. It seems appropriate to use his article as the jumping off point to illustrate several Forthright features.

The following descriptions relate to accessing Forthright on a computer. Your tablet or phone might provide a slightly different appearance.


Multiple Ways To Discover Content

  • We are all familiar with the ubiquitous magnifying glass in the top right corner of both the Home page as well as the various articles. With it we can enter key words to locate articles.

These searches usher us into one or many summary pages filled with thumbnail scaled article titles featuring a snippet from each resource. However, are we aware that the first results are those articles where our word(s) lie within the title? It is only after these articles where we will discover resources dealing with our word(s) solely within an article’s content. Sometimes the word(s) we might be seeking saturates an article, however they never appear in the title!

Thus an efficient search sometimes will require another path. For that we can turn to hashtag links.

  • Don’t miss the hashtags on the right side of the home page! Whereas a search might leave the gems we seek buried within a mountain of articles, these frequently used hashtag links are likely to transport you to a page or perhaps many pages grappling with the idea you seek.

At the bottom of every article are two different ways to further explore a line of thinking: algorithm generated links and article related hashtags.

  • The computer will provide three links to articles that are somewhat related. Sometimes these links are perfect. At other times, well, even I know more relevant resources exist.
  • Each author can supply hashtags highlighting key ideas within that article. Click on an interesting hashtag to discover one or more of those summary pages featuring introductory blurbs on related articles.

Important! Notice that using the magnifying glass to search for articles on “Faith” will yield different results than clicking on a “Faith” hashtag. Use the former to engage the search engine and the latter to discover which articles various authors chose to tag with faith.

For example:

Avoiding Chronological Snobbery

C.S. Lewis accurately described a virus infecting both his day and ours. He called the belief in the latest being the greatest, chronological snobbery. In other words when exploring an idea don’t be afraid to use the link “Older Posts” found at the bottom of the page. Authors may try to avoid repeating the same ideas, so no shame exists in considering previous offerings.


Link To Columnist’s Articles

Like a particular author’s style or content? Want to explore the range of what that columnist has provided? Click a link to that columnist’s page.


Reader Comments On Articles

Ever scroll all the way to the very bottom of an article? Not only can you submit your comments, you can also see what others have said.


Page Top Menus

They sit boldly at the top of each page. Don’t miss the functionality and information offered by these dropdown menus.


Share The Encouragement, Insight Or Challenge

Did something bless you or encourage you to study and meditate on God’s word? Invite others to join you in the journey.

At the bottom of each article are links to facilitate sharing.


This survey of Forthright’s functionality does not explore every feature. Yet, I do hope it can enrich our ability to better engage our interests and to more readily facilitate accessing resources.

Every power use should also know how the new Forthright Magazine Site enhances content and experience.

Besides Forthright Magazine, many of our columnists have written or contributed to several books. Check out our Forthright Press website.

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