Crisis of body and soul

For some, the worldwide crisis of the body — the coronavirus pandemic, if that is what it is — has become a crisis of the soul.

Can the soul in flight from God and in pursuit of worldly things — the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life — deal with the isolation and the quarantine of the body?

The physical limitations now imposed upon movement, activity, and occupation press upon the spirit, whose needs begin to push back and bring themselves to the fore.

The pagan servant Hagar, once proud against her mistress for having given her husband a child, now lies alone in the Beersheba wilderness, far from her dying offspring, lifts up her voice and weeps her last tears to a God she’s only heard of.

Jesus is a man who enters hearts and homes, often inviting himself, but never crossing the threshold without permission, bringing salvation, restoration, and fellowship to those who were lost, broken, and alone.

Ambitious Haman hurried home, mourning and with his head covered, plans having gone awry, cries in frustration to wife and friends, who prophesy of doom, before the final feast and hanging.

Our plans are overturned, our ambitions thwarted, our pride thrown down, with sudden changes revealing our shallow dreams and pleasures as nothing more than caky makeup over spiritual cancer.

Now that the body has been restrained, let the anguished spirit return to God who gave it and put it on the earth in preparation for the great step into eternity.

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