Off with the mask

Blessed are the pure in heart” (Mt. 5:8)

God is unpretentious.

What you see – by faith – is exactly what you get.

From the flaming shrub he said to Moses: “I am who I am.”

Not me.

What you see? Not what you get.

At least, not always.

Sure, I am who I am. But some of my moments leave me wondering exactly who I am. They’ve left others thinking, or saying, “Who do you think you are?”

God never has this problem.

Sometimes, I am sympathetic with the wrong things.

Some moments, I am too lazy to not sin.

Some days, I throw a pity party and only invite myself.

Behind the keyboard, I am white as snow.

Behind the veil of flesh, I struggle to love God as I should.

We are all pretentious at times. We are motivated by anger, fear, selfishness. They cloud our judgment. We don’t even realize it. Our self-perception is skewed.

But we reflect. The clouds lift. Our intent becomes clear.

Kilmister said it well: “I ain’t no nice guy after all.”

Humility is – in a word – unpretentious.

It is vulnerable; it is unmasked.

It is perhaps the most difficult of all human behaviors, and absolutely impossible to feign.

Being unpretentious is entirely possible.

Being unpretentious all the time is impossible.

God cannot expect us to be divine, but he does expect us to be honest about being human.

We are called to honesty – to unpretentious-ness.

We must engage the spirit ahead of fleshly lusts (1 Pet. 2:11). But when we fail – and we will – we must quickly remove the mask (1 John 1:8-10).

Humility is – in a word – unpretentious.

We are who we are.

Off with the mask (Mt. 5:8).

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