The common denominator

“The rich and the poor have this in common,
The LORD is the maker of them all” (Proverbs 22:2, NKJV).

We all belong in the same class. The blue bloods just don’t exist. The rich and famous have nothing on anybody else.

Somebody once said that the great leveler is the truth that we all have to sit on the toilet. Somebody else thought it was that we all must die one day.

Solomon says it’s because the Lord made us all. Add to that that Jesus Christ died for all, and you have a double blade to level the human playing field.

Peel back the hoopla, and find a human being. Wash off the makeup, and see plain folk. President and peon, we’re all alike.

Since the Lord is maker of us all, we are creatures of need, dependent on his care. I cannot look at another human being without seeing my equal — equally in need of God’s presence and blessing.

That the Lord is maker of us all endows us with both dignity and humility. We understand our privileged place in the divine scheme of things, as well as our lowliness before the divine Magnificence.

With one voice, then, we may praise his name; with one mind, we may seek his will; with one heart, we may live together in his Kingdom.

I’m thankful for that!

One Reply to “The common denominator”

  1. We were all made in the image of God, our being is far beyond our understanding.. I have searched the world over, through the annals of history, and I have met the Lord, He has reproved me, corrected me, rebuked me, forgiven me, loved me, and restored my soul, I have joy because of Him, where I had sorrow because of my own sin. He made us in His image, so we are fearfully and wonderfully made, but we don’t understand that.. that’s ok, we are broken, and the flesh cannot be fixed, it is temporary, temporal, it will die, but the soul lives on, and He has told us not to rely on our own understanding, and obedience is better than sacrifice.

    We are all made alike as beings, we are all broken and given to sin, but the similarity stops there .. our behavior in response to His proclamation distinguishes us, not our flesh .. life is spiritual, but the world revels in the flesh.

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