What is peace with God?

Men have thought it possible to have what one politician called “peace in our time.” Many worked in vain to bring together two warring parties. But there is no end to human wars. One ends, only for another to begin. Since the Fall, conflict has always been a part of mankind, on every level — among nations, political parties, social groups, and families.

Conflict reveals the basic problem of sin and separation from God. It all started from our desire to be independent from God. From there, man has struggled against dependence upon anyone. The more useless the struggle reveals itself to be, the more strident and violent man becomes.

Then God stepped in. He sent his Son into the middle of the war. By engaging the enemy, he won the critical battle. Often, he had to confront even those he came to save. But he could not be deterred. He rescued and restored and reconciled all who desired to give up the farcical struggle for freedom.

Therefore, since we have been declared righteous by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in the hope of God’s glory, Romans 5.1-2.

What is peace with God? Peace with God describes the new state of our life with him through Christ. Before, we were in a state that can only be described as rebellion. We refused to recognize his sovereignty. We ignored his commandments. We disputed his history of redemption. We spoke evil of his goodness.

By our transformation, we learned to lay down our carnal weapons. We have surrendered to the benevolent oversight of God. We now welcome obedience to his orders, because we know they were given for our good. We acknowledge and praise God for his faithful commitment to bring salvation. We thank him for his kindness and tenderness.

Our peace with God means now that we can pursue peace with others. We proclaim the Good News of peace.

The peace of (from) God which brings peace with God is the starting point for peace within self and with others. From it flows all the possibilities of peace.

More to consider: How are we declared righteous? What is the role of faith? What does it mean to obtain access into grace? What does this have to do with rejoicing in the hope of God’s glory?

This is a rich and deep peace, and it deserves full exploration.

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