Are you ordinary?

Are you ordinary? In some ways we are all ordinary, aren’t we? We don’t wield super-human strength, or the ability to see through walls. We are not faster than a speeding bullet, nor are we stronger than a locomotive. And we can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound. We are not world-famous artisans. Nor are we wise beyond all measure. And that is all quite fine. God can still use us to do great things.

Since the beginning, God has used the ordinary to accomplish extraordinary things. He created all things by a word (Genesis 1:1-3). With God, a word is powerful enough to bring entire galaxies into existence out of nothing. The Bible’s description of the creation of light is very simple, “And God said.” Does that not thrill you to know that our God only has to say the word to change the universe?

God used an old man and an old woman to bless the entire world. God chose a childless man in the later stages of his life and made from him a great nation (Genesis 17:15-19; 18:9-15). When God first called Abraham, he came from a family of idol worshipers (Joshua 24:2). When it comes to your usefulness to God, neither your age, your strength, or the faith of your father matters.

God used a failed prince who had no confidence in himself to bring the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob out of the cauldron of slavery (Exodus 3:10, 11; 4:10-14). And through Moses God delivered his people, formed a nation, and opened the way for the Messiah. God can use you even if you think you are not perfect for the job.

When Jesus called men out of the world to be His disciples, he chose several impetuous men.

Jesus dubbed James and John, “Boanerges,” which means, “Sons of Thunder” (Mark 3:17). When a Samaritan village did not receive Jesus, these brothers wanted to call fire down from heaven to consume them (Luke 9:54).

Simon was a Zealot (Mark 3:18; Luke 6:15). The Zealots resorted to violence and assassinations in their attempts to drive out the Roman oppressors.

But through daily experience of Jesus’ love, James, John, and Simon were prepared to spread the extraordinary message of love, forgiveness, and salvation through Jesus.

Peter, a fisherman, had great enthusiasm. At times that enthusiasm led him into a snare. The patience and forgiveness of Jesus allowed Peter to harness his enthusiasm for great things.

You do not need to be rich, talented, or perfectly well-behaved to begin your life with Christ. Becoming like Christ is a lifelong pursuit.

Time would fail me to speak of Daniel and Nehemiah, Esther and Rahab, Joseph and Mary. People of ordinary stations who serve an extraordinary God can do amazing things.

Are you ordinary? Good! God can use you for extraordinary things. Are you willing?

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  1. Yep, about as ordinary as they get. Great article with many uplifting examples from the Word! Thanks

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