Make up your mind to serve Jesus

Few people think they can do great things. Perhaps that’s because humans look at their faults and weaknesses and convince themselves they cannot reach greatness.

A close friend of mine in high school wanted to become a physician. A counselor told him his grades were not good enough to enable him to get into college. Instead, he was encouraged to go into a technical school. He did, but he always thought what might have happened if he had persisted in becoming a doctor.

It is easy to fall victim to our doubts. The evidence against us seems so persuasive.

Moses seriously doubted his ability to free the Hebrews from slavery. God might have rejected him but instead gave him signs to convince his brothers in Egypt that he was with him. Moses doubted his ability to speak on Pharaoh’s level, so God gave him Aaron. God is an expert at equipping people for any work.

Think of all those who abandoned Jesus when Rome crucified him. Many believed this was the end for Jesus. His disciples fled from him (Matthew 25:56). When all hope was lost, Jesus rose from the dead.

Are you reading this, and are you thinking about what you might give to the Savior? We all have abilities that can be used. First, make up your mind to obey the gospel and grow in faith. Then, determine where your talents may be used and don’t give up until you are working for Jesus. You might find success in such a venture is closer than you thought.

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