Some of the biggest mistakes people make come from assumptions. 

The people of Nazareth made assumptions about Jesus that were very wrong. When he visited his hometown, Nazareth, Jesus attended the synagogue and taught there. It was an opportunity to tell people the truth about himself and God.

As Jesus taught the hometown folks, many of them became indignant (Matthew 13:54). One said, “Is not this the carpenter’s son?” That was an assumption. These people had seen Jesus all his life. They figured they knew who he was. But, oh, how little they did know!

Jesus is not the carpenter’s son. He is the son of God. The miracles the Lord performed before their eyes and his teachings proved this. But they had assumed because the young Jesus was with Joseph that he was Jesus’ father. They embraced the assumption while they rejected what their eyes and ears told them.

Then they asked, “Where did this man get this wisdom and these powers?” There is another assumption. “Where did this man…” Jesus wasn’t just a man. He is Immanuel or “God with us” (Matthew 1:23).

Humans make many assumptions. Some assume evolution is true, but when people honestly study the evidence of God’s word, it is shown to be false. Some of the established religions in the world would appear correct. Then, when the fruit of sexual misconduct and hypocrisy are apparent, they are proved to be false. 

Isn’t it time to stop looking at the Bible through the doctrines and “confessions” of faith that are popular in some religious bodies? Isn’t it time to find out for yourself that the Bible alone is true?

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