Follow the example of love

Jesus never forced anyone to accept him or his teaching. In Matthew chapter 8, when Jesus healed two possessed men in the Gadarenes and people asked him to leave, he left.

After crossing the Sea of Galilee and arriving in Capernaum, Jesus saw a paralyzed man. The paralysis was so severe  the man was carried. The scripture tells us Jesus saw their faith, and the Master said the man’s sins were forgiven (Matthew 9:2). The scribes watching this accused Jesus of blasphemy.

There is a contrast here that we should understand.

Jesus the Savior, the picture of health, is with a paralyzed man who was not. There is also a loving understanding contrasted with the scribes who were not. Jesus realized the need this man has for salvation. In his compassion and love, he granted it.

It is not the work of Christians to force people to believe and obey Christ. Just as Jesus left when people asked him to do so, we must allow others the choice to obey the gospel. The Lord won’t “draft” soldiers into his army against their will. They must choose to serve.

We must also remember the love and compassion Jesus showed this paralyzed man and make it the example in our lives as Christians. In our current political climate, some demand a demonstration from others which side they favor. This kind of attitude is divisive and incompatible with the example of Jesus, who loved and cared for all people.

Will we follow the example of God the Son who loved others, or will we adopt the behavior of the scribes who were quick to accuse Jesus of blasphemy? Think about the contrast between the two and decide whom you will follow.

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