The gospel of power

Let us never speak of the requirements of the gospel without speaking, in the same breath, of the power of the gospel, not only to save, but to sustain.

Many in the world are power-seekers, Jeremiah 9.23. It gives them a sense of worth and purpose. From the school-yard bully to the national dictator, not a few want to be the winner of the fighter’s ring. Their glory is the knock-out.

Others sense deeply their powerlessness. They suffer in oppressive social systems. They are enchained by bad habits and addictions. They are unemployed or work in low-paying, dead-end jobs. They are trapped in unhappy, manipulative relationships.

As we teach the gospel, we often stress, rightly, the requirement of obedience and the necessity of faithfulness. Some will hear this and feel despair. They believe that they can never live up to the demands of the gospel. And they are right, when one considers one’s own abilities and powers.

So we must teach as well that God is almighty and that he puts all his powers to transform and sustain at our disposal.

We can do this. We can live the gospel. We can find our all in Christ. We can overcome temptation. We can please the Lord and serve with love.

Not just in moments of special need, but for every day, in every way, we have the promise of the power of the gospel.

“God has the power to provide you with more than enough of every kind of grace. That way, you will have everything you need always and in everything to provide more than enough for every kind of good work” 2 Corinthians 9.8 CEB.

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