How’s your hearing?

What an amazing thing it is to have ears!

Think of all the things one hears in the course of a day. As I was playing golf with my grandson today, we heard the nice sound a golf ball makes when it is well hit by a metal golf club. We turned at one point in the day and heard the rustle of a deer just before it broke through the woods into the fairway. What is more relaxing than the sound of rain falling gently on leaves?

Yet, there is more to hearing than the ability to detect sounds. There are many people who hear the biblical and moral advice of parents only to walk away without really hearing anything at all. There are those who have heard the truth once but now are so far away from it as to seem ignorant of it.

Jesus encouraged his hearers to pay attention to what they were hearing (Luke 8:18). Why? If we don’t listen carefully, we may miss something we need to remember. So many have grown up learning the lessons of the Bible but have since forgotten what they heard.

The price for careless listening can be enormous. Carelessness can result in a person losing eternal life. The challenge is to listen to those things we should hear and not pay any attention to the foolishness of the spiritually ignorant.

There are many people who “major in minors.” They are attentive to their inordinate desires but inattentive to the truth of the gospel. Their main objective in life (it would seem) is sin when one should make certain one’s soul is redeemed by the blood of Jesus through obedience to the gospel.

How’s your hearing? This doesn’t really have anything to do with the physical sense as it does hearing the words of Jesus and obeying them.

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