Get up and keep on walking

During one of the feasts in Jerusalem, the Lord Jesus entered the city through the northeast gate called the “sheep gate.” Nehemiah had built the portal and probably a sheep market when he supervised the reconstruction of the city’s walls.

There was a pool there that was deep enough for swimming. The sick gathered because of a legend that said when an angel “stirred” the water the first one into the pool would have a cure.

A disabled man was sitting or lying there. Jesus asked him, “Do you want to become well?” The man told him there was no one there to put him into the water at an appropriate time since he was disabled. Jesus told the man to stand up, pick up his pallet, and keep on walking. The man became well.

What Jesus wants us to do is not going to require a miracle, but it is almost as difficult for some people as asking a disabled person if he wants to get up and walk away. He asks us to believe the Bible’s message about him.

Jesus gave us proof of his existence and his deity to help us. The world has remarkable evidence of Jesus in the Old Testament. The prophets and minor prophets described Jesus and many of the things that would happen to him in great detail. Even the details of his crucifixion and death are in Psalm 22, Isaiah 53, and Zechariah 10:12. The text of the New Testament is a remarkably complete record the evidence of which is incontrovertible.

Jesus didn’t tell the man at the pool to do the impossible even though it might seem like that. Jesus had the power to make the man well. Jesus can forgive your sins and make you whole spiritually no matter what your life is.

Are you ready to get up and keep on walking?

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