He still drives people’s minds

History tells us the great philosopher Socrates was arrested and tried for denying the Athenian gods and for corrupting young people. Some writers suppose Socrates was arrested and tried because he criticized politicians and disliked the election system.

The real reason why Socrates was arrested, tried and executed was that the people of Athens (including the politicians) didn’t like the method of cross-examination he used. Socrates revealed their poor reasoning and foolish assumptions. He challenged them to explain and define what it was they believed.

Jesus died at the hands of the Jewish leaders and the Romans, but for a completely different reason. The Scribes and the Pharisees hated him for no reason at all. The hatred of Jesus was foretold in Psalms 69:4.

Jesus traveled Palestine curing people of their diseases and helping them. He never told anyone to oppose the government. The Lord never incited anyone to rebel against the Romans. He never violated one single law even though he stood accused by the ones that hated him.

And then they nailed him to a cross even though the Roman governor could find no fault with him (Luke 23:4).

Isn’t it odd that people still try to find fault with Jesus? They doubt he ever lived although Roman historians wrote he did. They deny he is the son of God although everything he did testified to the truth of his deity.

Isn’t it interesting that of all the people who have ever lived in the history of the world, the name of Jesus still drives people’s minds?

What do you think of him? Find out more about him in the pages of the New Testament. You can also read about him in the Old Testament. Learn more about him, and you’ll find he loves you very much and he wants you to live eternally.

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