Money wins — or does it?

Money wins elections, they say. Whoever spends the most takes the seat.

Some men say money wins women, too. The English language has names for women who attach themselves to rich guys.

Even Proverbs recognizes that money wins influence. “A person’s gift makes room for him, and leads him before important people” Proverbs 18.16.

It would almost seem that money wins in religion as well.

Recently, I visited the grounds of a huge religious center in a beautiful rural setting, with posh buildings, three pools, a recreation room, and multiple meeting areas. The director said it was all due to the prayers of many people. He’s a good man whom I’ve known for many years. But neither he nor his organization teach the truth about salvation and the church.

Man accomplishes so much on his own. He may even attribute it to God. But Mammon is its own god, and accomplishes what many consider to be good.

Money wins many over to its worship. The love of money is the ruin of many. It causes great evils. It destroys lives and leaves its lover in eternal separation from God.

Seeing the evils caused by worshipers of money, one writer claimed that money is inherently evil. If that were true, however, Jesus would never have said to his disciples,

“I tell you, use worldly wealth to make friends for yourselves so that when it’s gone, you will be welcomed into the eternal homes” Luke 16.9 CEB.

Whenever something is inherently evil, our only instruction in Scripture is to stay away from it, to flee, to refrain from participating in it.

Rather, money is a blessing of God to do his work. Jesus himself was supported by people in order that he and his disciples might do the Father’s work.

The church in the New Testament was generous with its money to care for its own and to proclaim the Good News. The examples are numerous.

I have been supported in Brazil for decades by generous brethren, my work made possible by “worldly money” whose use is sanctified by honest employment and spiritual ends.

Money does win — when it becomes a righteous tool in the hands of godly saints, when it promotes the gospel of Christ, when it serves the Kingdom of God and his righteousness.

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