A faithful father listens

Talking to people can be a bit of a chore but talking to a child is always a delight.

My grandchildren talk to me about their pets, their toys, their schoolwork and it’s never boring. My eyes never leave their faces, and my ears never turn away from their voices.

In prayer, God’s attention never wavers. He is intently interested in everything we have to say even when we might bore people.

Prayer shares an aspect of eternity because time doesn’t matter. We can talk to God about anything. We can confess the sins we have committed in the past. We can talk about the current challenges we face, and we can pray for strength to face problems we think may appear tomorrow.

For the faithful child of God, prayer is an opportunity to talk to a father who has rapt attention. No matter how mundane our subject matter, the Creator of the universe is always ready to listen.

When we ask God for help with something, we mustn’t think we are imposing on his time or assistance. He is happy to listen and to help. As the time of his crucifixion drew near, Jesus told his disciples they had not used his name in making requests in prayer, but they soon would. He said they should ask and the father would grant those requests (John 16:23-24).

Our heavenly father loves us more than any father on earth. He loved us so much he provided his son as a sacrifice for our sins (1 Corinthians 5:7). As James wrote, we must ask in faith without doubting (James 1:6). A faithful child of God believes and obeys God and understands the power of prayer. Such a one doesn’t disbelieve the Lord’s love or his ability to help. The faithful child asks knowing that if we make our requests according to God’s will, he hears us (1 John 5:14-15).

God’s children serve a faithful father who is intently interested in his children. He is ready and willing to listen to anything we wish to say. He wants to help us with anything anytime.

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