Tell me what I can do

It is unfortunate that for some people their view of God and worship is a long list of what they cannot do. Scripture provides us a long list of how God’s people are empowered to act. Consider these representative ideas. How many biblical texts can you attach to each item?

Let us praise God and extol his name for his bountiful mercy.

Let us generously bless others in need with the resources God has freely given us.

Let us live worthy of the calling God has given to us to be his people.

Let us enjoy and marvel at God’s creation.

Let us tell the truth in love.

Let us devote ourselves to prayer.

Let us listen carefully to what others have to say, before we speak.

Let us focus our thoughts upon what is good, worthy and noble.

Let us teach others how God has demonstrated his love for us through Christ.

Let us forgive others.

Let us learn from Christ and how our Lord would have us conform to his image.

Let us enjoy what God has provided.

Let us remember that God cares about us and strengthens us.

Let us encourage one another.

Let us gather together to remember our Lord’s death for us as we partake of the Lord’s Supper.

Let us pursue holy living.

Let us comfort others with the comfort God has provided us.

Let us promote God’s name among non-believers by our work ethic and how we handle relationships.

Let us meditate upon God’s word.

Let us find ways to seek the well-being of those around us.

Let us pursue growing in spiritual characteristics.

Let us remember and be thankful for how God has blessed us.

And these items are just the start. To live as a Christian involves loving God and loving others in the same way we care about ourselves.

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