If you are a worker in God’s kingdom

If you are a worker in God’s kingdom, take the long view. Present afflictions, without the perspective of eternity, can be depressing. But knowing the sovereignty of God, we can be sure that he works all things for the accomplishment of his will and the good of his people, Romans 8.28.

As planters and waterers, we may not always see the growth. Sometimes we will, sometimes not. Sometimes the growth may come quickly, at others times slowly or, in our limited sight, not at all. But if God gives the growth, 1 Corinthians 3.7, we may be sure that growth there will be. Patience is key.

All other types of work will be consumed at the end when the world passes away, “but the person who does the will of God remains forever,” along with his work, 1 John 2.17. That work which saves souls produces an eternal result.

In the afterlife, when we are resurrected with Christ, we will be given opportunity to see what all our work produced. The resurrection is guarantee that our work is not for nothing. That truth gives us reason to keep at it, 1 Corinthians 15.58.

The divine truth that frees brings ultimate freedom to those willing to confess they have lived in spiritual slavery. To those who stubbornly maintain their independence, not much can help them. But some will follow Jesus and become his followers and know the truth that frees. So a shallow belief is not sufficient, but a serious discipleship, John 8.30-33. Many want the shallowness, but the worker in God’s kingdom will call them out and help propel them forward into doing the whole will of God.

In this is profound joy and ultimate satisfaction.

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