The last day of your life

Today is the last day of 2018. The year has been spent. The Lord has been good to give us another year. Already, most people are thinking of the new year and making plans for life and work.

Such plans are good. As long as we include the Lord in our plans, he blesses them, James 4.13-17. Or we might better say, as long as we include our plans in the Lord, for he is sovereign.

For just a moment, however, think of today not as the last day of the year, but the last day of your life. December 31st often gets a bum deal. As the last day, it often gets squeezed out. Everybody is anxious for the new year to arrive.

But what if today is your last day to live? For some it will be. For us all it might be. How does this perspective change the way you see this day?

What would you do differently today if it is to be your last?

  • Will you finally turn to the Lord and give him your life unreservedly?
  • Will you repent of that sin that keeps you from a spiritual life of integrity?
  • Will you give up your resistance to serving the Lord as you should?
  • Will petty irritations and resentments toward others be released?
  • Will you decide to trust the Lord and surrender attempts to control people and events?
  • Will you send fear packing and start telling others how to be saved according to God’s wonderful plan of redemption?
  • Will you pray the ancient Maranatha prayer in your desire to see the Lord?

In a real sense, today is our only day, our last day to live. That truth ought to shake us up and bring us to the precipice of decision.

On this your last day of life, start living for the Lord.

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