God exists

Living in a world where a chorus of competing voices would pull us toward opposing viewpoints on a great many topics, rather than avoiding such subjects, we would do well to consider the evidence. Regardless of the topic, in order to fairly explore a subject we will need to sidestep a host of logical fallacies such as sweeping generalizations, personal attack, appeal to fear as well as begging the question. Instead, we will need to focus upon: “What is the evidence?”

So, is it reasonable to conclude God exists? The Old and New Testaments announce that the world itself reveals truths about God and his existence (Psalm 19:1; Romans 1:20). Here are some initial brief excursions into some areas meriting further examination.

  • Our experiences tell us that all complex functional information ultimately arises from only one source – a mind. Time, chance and self-organizational principles have not created this type of information. For example, while computer programs can generate new software, all software traces its origin to the minds of software programmers. So what should we conclude when we discover at the core of living cells a massive library of functional information, DNA, that exceeds the complexity and efficiency of any software human engineers have created? This information has an origin. It points to the mind of its Creator.
  • Our universe, galaxy, solar system and earth are all fine-tuned in various ways to support highly intelligent life. From the physical constants of our universe and our solar system’s placement within our spiral galaxy to the protective role of Jupiter’s massive gravity as well as the earth’s composition and its location in our solar system, everything is ordered just right to support highly intelligent life on earth. Furthermore, biological systems reveal sophisticated design. All of these details point toward a Designer.
  • Whatever comes into existence has a sufficient cause. The second law of thermodynmaics strongly indicates that the universe we experience had a beginning. For if our universe has always existed, it would long ago have encountered heat death . We would not be here to experience it. Furthermore, with theories like the Big Bang, science acknowledges our universe began. Therefore, the universe must have a sufficient cause for its existence. A sufficient cause for the universe is God.
  • If some acts are truly vile because they violate a standard greater than human culture and personal opinions, then an objective moral standard exists. What this would mean is that some things are good or evil regardless what any culture or individual might think. For such a moral standard to exist, it must have its origin in a sufficient source, a source beyond human whims. Atrocious acts exist. I won’t survey the horrific things some humans have done to others. The best explanation for why these acts are vile is that a personal and moral God exists.

Individually these ideas give us good reason to accept God exists. Taken together they provide very good reasons for adopting a worldview built upon a powerful majestic Creator.


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