God never requested a blind leap of faith

Some people find it surprising that God has never requested blind trust. Rather, God has consistently provided good reason to believe and to obey prior to asking anything from us. Here are a few examples where God provided good reasons to believe before requesting someone to respond:

Before God required Israel at Mt. Sinai to obey his Ten Commandments, he first demonstrated to Israel his power through the plagues hurled upon Egypt as well as by dividing the Red Sea.

Before calling anyone to trust in Christ, God first raised Christ from the dead.

Even if we roll the clock way back to the time of Abram, when Abram learned he was supposed to trust God to show him where to go, or to the time of Noah, when he learned that God wanted him to build an ark, God first spoke!  They realized God had spoken to them. Hence, they had reason to trust in what God had commanded them to do.

However, we were not there to witness these things as they did. Therefore, in the spirit of what we read in the Bible regarding how God works, it is appropriate for us to explore whether we have good reasons to trust scripture.

For us to be justified in believing the biblical message and orientating our lives toward serving Christ, we need good reasons to accept that God exists, that the Bible recounts history, and that Jesus rose from the dead. Hence, this article is the first in a series providing brief introductions to a sampling of the evidence and observations that others have drawn.

When people are open-minded, God is neither afraid of their questions nor their doubts. God has acted in history to provide us with sufficient reasons for faith and obedience.


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