One minute late

Last Sunday, our time changed here in Brazil on the same date as in the US. That’s unusual. Usually, it occurs before, but was put off a few weeks because of the runoff presidential election last month. The US went off Daylight Savings Time, and Brazil, or much of it anyway, went on. So our time difference from Central Time, where most of our family members are, went, overnight, from two to fours hours.

They say that Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of DST. Whatever caused this normally practical and good-ideas man to come up with this, we’ll never know. Must have been the same day he dreamed up the post office.

On Sunday Brazil held its country-wide National Exam, which also functions as a college-entrance exam. Some people missed getting in for the exam because we lost an hour. One girl was one minute late, after the gates had been closed, and missed her chance. When the gates close, no pleading will open them.

The time changes, and people miss their opportunity.

Every day the “times” change in the world. Old ideas are swapped out for new ones. Mostly, even older ideas are merely recycled in new clothes. There’s nothing new under the sun, really. With the wave of the next new idea, people, like the ancient Athenians, think the old paths are out of date.

Evolution is a popular idea today, and so is progress in religion, which is where we get progressives. People like to believe they have the smarts to make changes to God’s original plan. Following this idea will cause many to miss that “rich welcome into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ” 2 Peter 1.11 CEB.

Matters not if it’s missed by a mere minute, either. Once the trumpet sounds and the angels roll back the clouds for the Lord Jesus to be seen by all, destiny has been sealed and entrance or refusal has been determined.

Everybody’s time zone will one day change — into eternity. At the coming of Jesus, all will be judged, 2 Thessalonians 1.6-10. Once the doors of heaven are closed to the disobedient, there will be no excuse or plea that will open them again.

For the girl who missed the National Exam by a minute, she might attempt it again next year. For those who ought to prepare for eternity, there will be no next time.

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