The two sons

Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumph. Riding as a king upon his donkey, the Lord of heaven and earth faced the last few days of his life teaching and trying to convince others of the truth of his message.

Who is a true son of God? The Scribes and Pharisees thought they were. The answer Jesus gave in Matthew 21:28-32 would disappoint them.

Jesus always began his teachings simply. “A man had two sons,” Jesus said. The Bible tells us the man told one son to go work in the vineyard. The son refused but felt sorry about it and later decided to go. He went to his other son and repeated the order. The second son said he would go but then did not.

Jesus asked which son did their father’s will. The answer was easy, the rulers said. It was the first. The Scribes and Pharisees had exposed their hypocrisy with their reply.

Then Jesus told these men who had set themselves up as examples in Judea that the hated tax collectors and sinful prostitutes would find the kingdom of God before they would (Matthew 21:31b). Why? Many of them heard the truth, repented of their sins and decided to turn toward God. These rulers would not.

There are still many who will not receive the message of salvation in the Bible. They are much like these Scribes and Pharisees who had convinced themselves they were right but were dangerously close to rejecting the only salvation God would offer.

Where do you stand with God? Have you obeyed the gospel? If not, don’t delay.

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