Eternal truth

Truth is taking a terrible beating.

Politicians have carved truth into two camps. One camp is that the things they say are always the truth, and the other is that their fellows across the aisle always lie.

The religious world is also suffering a crisis of confidence. Many of the things religious bodies have taught are becoming known as doctrines of men instead of teachings from God.

It seems that everywhere one looks, someone is trying to obfuscate or suppress the truth for their purposes.

Jesus knew all about these things. Jesus knew a few more things about the truth.

Jesus knew the truth was indestructible because he was full of grace and truth (John 1:14, 17). Mankind has often tried to destroy the truth, but usually is the one who falls. Since God’s word is truth (Psalm 119:160), and since God is eternal, the truth will never fall by the wayside.

Altering the truth is impossible. Many would like to change the truth to suit a particular idea, but the truth is always exactly what it is. King Jehoiakim attempted to carve the Bible into something more palatable (Jeremiah 36:27) but failed in the attempt.

Sometimes we become afraid of the attempts many make against the truth. Never fear. God is the perfect custodian of the truth and on Judgment Day, it will still exist and will be just as effective.

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