Where is your faith?

Jesus decided to sail across the Sea of Galilee sometime around sunset.

Suddenly, a storm rose with a fury well known by fishermen who sailed the sea. With winds that brought cold air down from the mountains mixing with air heated during the day, the lake’s storms often spelled disaster for those caught on the water.

As they sailed, Jesus fell asleep in the boat. As the winds increased, the waves became higher and higher. Soon, the storm was in full force. Rain began filling the boat along with the waves that were breaking into the craft (Luke 8:23).

The disciples, afraid of what might happen, woke Jesus with fearful cries saying, “Master, we are perishing!” Jesus asked, “Where is your faith?” Then he commanded the wind and the water to subside (Luke 8:24-25).

Where was their faith? Fear is a sure sign of lack of faith. As a person’s faith shrinks, fear grows.

The disciples should have known that if Jesus was in the boat, they were safe. Where Jesus is there is safety, but faith is required.

Jesus’ disciples thought they were in danger because their senses told them so. The wind swept down on the lake. They saw the boat filling with water. Waves crashed around them threatening to swamp the small craft.

Like everyone else, the disciples were taught to believe their senses, and they did. But they had the son of God with them. They should have trusted in him.

Sometimes in severe illness, challenging problems, or relationship issues we can become convinced we are in desperate trouble. It is then we should ask ourselves where our faith is.

Remember, where Jesus is there is safety, but faith is required.

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