The fog will clear

A few days ago, early in the morning, I glanced out my back window toward the apartment building where my son Joel and his family live. They’re living here for a year and found an apartment a couple of blocks away. But their building was gone! I did a double-take and noticed that a heavy fog had rolled in. Nothing could be seen beyond my backyard.

In less than an hour, the fog had lifted. My son’s building and everything else were in place.

The doubts of life are like that morning fog.

Sometimes questions about life’s conditions cause a thick fog of doubt to rise. Why is this happening to me? Where is God when I suffer? What purpose can this problem possibly have? Why do those without faith seem to be fine, while one of God’s saints undergoes severe trials?

With such unanswered questions, the fog quickly envelops reality and sight is lost.

The questions have answers. Often, however, time is required for the anwers to get plugged into the questions. Or at other times physical or emotional pain delays their acceptance.

Sooner or later, if we are willing, the fog will rise. The reasons become clear. The picture solidifies into sense.

God doesn’t abandon his faithful people. He continues to work in our lives. He permits hardships, sufferings, and persecutions to happen to us. The Lord is so powerful that he uses them for our and others’ good.

The important thing when the fog appears is not to panic. Don’t throw it all away. Hang on until the outlines of life begin to reappear. When we emerge from the other side of pain and suffering, we can look back and see lessons learned, faith strengthened, the goodness of God more clearly.

What is not evident now will be. To be sure of this, is faith.

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