Own your relationship to God

On the prayer website of a popular religious minister of old, the author titles one of his pages with the idea of owning our relationship to God./1

This is a happy phrase. It encourages us to assume responsibility for our relationship with God. I personally have to pursue it and nourish it. I must recognize that no other pursuit is as noble or worthy as knowing God. Fellowship with my Creator must be the great project of life. This means that no one else can assume responsibility for it. Nor can I blame anyone for failures in it.

Owning our relationship to God also means to assume our identity as God’s people. He is our God and we are his flock. We who were nothing have been born into his family. We have a new name, given by his grace. We do not identify ourselves as earthly citizens nor promote political or social agenda, but wear the name of Christ before the world. As his people, we must not hide our light, but let it shine before the world. We mustn’t be ashamed of our Lord nor of his teaching.

Owning our relationship to God also means that we recognize and rejoice in our position before him as servants. We acknowledge his sovereignty. We revel in being slaves of the Lord Jesus Christ. We see life in Christ as joyful service, for we imitate him who became a humble servant. All that we have comes from him, belongs to him, and is to be used for his purpose and glory.

Own your relationship to God. Be responsible for pursuing it; assume your identity as belonging to him; and rejoice in your humble position before him. Only by owning it can we possess it.

1/ If you’re looking for a good prayer website, check out Believing Prayer.

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