Jesus went after the money changers.

They had set up shop in the Temple where they did not belong. The Temple was a place of sacrifice, reflection, prayer, and worship to God; it was not a place for unscrupulous men to make a fortune exchanging currency.

The Lord took a whip of cords, overturned the money changers’ tables and drove them all out along with the sheep and the oxen (John 2:14-17).

At some point, the disciples of Jesus remembered scripture prophetic of the incident. “Certainly zeal for your house consumes me; I endure the insults of those who insult you” (Psalm 69:9 NET).

The actions of those in the Temple were an insult to God. Jesus understood this. The people around him didn’t. We don’t even see his own disciples joining their master in turning over the tables.

Jesus took action because he cared what was happening in God’s house. Zeal is defined as “great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective.” There is no greater cause than the worship of the Creator. There is no greater love than for him who first loved us. Jesus’ action shows how greatly he cared.

Do we care as much as he did? Does zeal typify us as it did him?

If it does not, then shouldn’t we ask why it doesn’t?

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