True judgment scene

There was a recent article in a widely-read publication entitled, “Judgment Day Excuses that Won’t Work.” The article was right, but the title was off the mark.

Many people think Judgment Day will seem like a courtroom drama such as “Perry Mason.” They think God will sit on the judgment bench ruling on the trials of billions of people. Jesus never taught that scenario.

There will be no courtroom drama; no jury will render a verdict. The verdict was handed down for most of mankind at death. Only during life is there an opportunity to obey the gospel and live for Jesus.

In Matthew 25, Jesus’ taught Judgment Day as a separation. The saved will be separated from the condemned. People will stand either on the left hand of the Christ or the right. Those on the left hand will go away into everlasting punishment (Matthew 25:32-46). Those on the right hand will enter eternal life with the Father.

Guy N. Woods use to say, “An excuse is a lie wrapped in tissue paper.” Years ago, people used to wrap presents in “tissue paper,” a thin, fragile, semi-opaque paper without any designs. Tissue paper was easily torn, as lies are easily torn with the truth. There won’t be any lies on Judgment Day.

The separation will occur on what has been done in this life. As one poet wrote, “Only one life will soon be past; only what is done for Christ will last.”

When the separation comes, on which side will you stand?

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