Obey the giver of life

Is all life on earth the result of an accident that caused an accident?

Instead of an accident, consider the design of the eye. Scientists believe they understand how vision works by comparing the eye to a camera and how it focuses an image on the retina. But, what happens after the image arrives on the retina? Science doesn’t know how that “message” is transported to the brain and how that message is recreated there.

Stephen Hawking, the great scientist, died last week believing that God is the product of fairy stories from people who are “afraid of the dark.”

But, if that’s true, then where did life originate? Hawking believed life originated from dead matter but does life come from something dead? Such is inconsistent with common sense.

The Bible teaches life comes from the giver of life — God. When God’s son came to the earth, he healed the sick and raised the dead because the son had the father’s gift of life in himself (John 5:26).

The crippled man at the pool of Bethesda was healed by Jesus’ word because the Lord had this wonderful power of life given to him by the father.

Jesus also has the power to raise human beings from the grave. He demonstrated this before his critics by raising Lazarus in John chapter 11. He has the power to raise all of us from the dead if we will but hear his word and obey it (John 5:25).

Do you want to live eternally? Then, obey the word of the son of God. Obey the gospel!

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