The day after God has acted

We have all heard someone say something like, “Faith was easier for people in the Bible because of the miracles. Why then did they struggle with unfaithfulness?”

Imagine the thrill of standing on the shore watching God’s power split open the sea. Yet, when you wake up the next morning what kind of a day is it? The miraculous is a memory. What confronts you are tangible problems. The stomach becomes hungry. We would call it an ordinary day.

Standing in the shadow of the miraculous, each person is faced with determining how will I handle my challenges today? The day after the amazing is a completely new day where faith must be born anew. Certainly, a person has good reason to trust God, but this is still an ordinary day with real problems.

Truth be told, our faith is probably in a better position. We know what God did in Egypt, at the Red Sea, and how he overthrew the Canaanites. We understand how Jesus fulfilled Messianic prophecies made hundreds of years earlier. We know about Jesus’ miracles and that with his resurrection he was declared with power to be the Son of God.

And yet, do we engage our faith when facing life’s difficulties? We can, like Moses, Joshua, and Caleb, excel in faith. God has given us good reason to trust him.

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