Recalibrating ourselves

Self-centeredness, rudeness and keeping a list of failures might be expected from a dog-eat-dog world. However, what happens when those who profess Christ and have made a commitment to “do unto others what you would have them do unto you” repeatedly treat us in unloving ways? The disappointment and frustration can be even greater.

Thoughts like, “they know better” and “they should not be so unkind,” can eat away at our peace releasing anger and bitterness. What can we do?

We might need to recalibrate our thinking. Before taking any action, the need exists to have the proper goals in mind. Remembering the following truths could assist in a spiritual realignment.

  • We can not make another person be considerate, even if they know they should. They must choose to love.
  • Expecting people to treat us as they ought creates a prescription for resentment.
  • Focusing on how others behave can sidetrack our service to God.
  • Remembering those times when we failed to seek another’s well being can empower forgiving others.
  • Since we can only control what we do, what matters is our motivation and behavior.

While we won’t always be able to inspire or lead others toward greater demonstrations of love, we can always stop the spread of unkindness by refusing to reciprocate or pass it on. We can always make a difference.

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