He came for a reason

Why did Jesus come into the world? There are ten statements Jesus makes explaining why he was here. Five of them are in the gospel written by the apostle John.

Jesus said he had come in his father’s name (John 5:43). This means he came by his father’s authority. If a policeman knocks on someone’s door and shouts, “Open in the name of the law,” he means the door must open by the authority of the law.  Jesus talked a great deal about authority because it was important for people to know who was behind his teaching.

Jesus said he had come into the world for judgment so that those who wanted to see the truth could see (John 9:39). There is a vast difference between those who have no desire for the truth and those who seek it hungrily. Many people are satisfied with whatever they are told. Jesus was in the world for those who want to learn the truth.

Jesus said he had come as a light (John 12:46). It isn’t necessary to live in a world of darkness when one has the light. Light can make an enormous difference. Colors are only seen in the light. Understanding can only occur in the light of Christ. Some people are satisfied living in the darkness. For those who seek the light of the truth of Christ, there is Jesus (John 18:37).

Jesus said he had come that people might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). This statement has been taken to mean some absurd things. Jesus promised his followers God would give them what they need to live (Matthew 6:25-33). In no statement did Jesus promise to give his followers all the money they wanted. Jesus didn’t come to give wealth but eternal life. This is the abundance about which Jesus spoke.

Jesus gave plenty of reasons why he came into the world. Are you ready to obey the gospel and become his?

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